Warm Weather Driving

10 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Warm Weather Driving 

You have been hiding inside the house for several months now. As warmer months are approaching, you must be planning to get out and go for a long drive. But there are certain things you need to do to your car to make it ready for warm weather driving. Here are a few tips: 

1.  Check your brakes: After chilly winter months, check your brakes and make sure that they are working fine. If you find excessive chatter, grinding, screeching or squealing, it may need a checkup. 

2. Store…
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Avoid Hidden Damage With Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you shop for a pre-owned car, you want to avoid the pitfall of buying one with hidden damage. Your ally in this process is the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program. You can find a wide selection of these certified vehicles at M & M Ford Lincoln.

No vehicle makes it into our Ford Certified Pre-Owned inventory without having a clean CARFAX report. This report tells us if the car, SUV or truck has ever been flooded…

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Decide Between All-Weather vs. Carpet Floor Mats

If you are still trying to choose between rubber and carpet floor mats, the team at M&M Auto Group have some information to make that buying decision easier. The all-weather mats are made of a durable rubber that can withstand severe abuse. It doesn't matter if you are hauling dirty cargo, or the kids and pets are dragging in the mud, these rubber mats can be cleaned easily with just a hose. In…

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Put Yourself in Control With the Lincoln MKZ

Among the most popular midsize sedans on the market right now, the Lincoln MKZ offers drivers a combination of sport and comfort. The adaptive suspension allows drivers to choose what type of ride that they would like to have. Comfort mode allows for a more luxurious experience while sport mode allows for more power to flow to the engine.

Adaptive cruise control may help put an end to motion sickness. Instead of continuously starting and…

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